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Apartments in Hartland -- Close to Everything!


In between Tates Creek Road and Armstrong Mill Road -- on Lexington's southeastern side -- you'll find Hartland. This area only takes up half of a square mile, and the population density is not nearly as high as it is in other parts of Lexington. But aside from having fewer people living on top of you, why should you rent an apartment in Hartland?

- Because it's right in the middle of everything

Hartland itself may not be packed to the gills, but the areas around it are. Your apartment in Hartland will sit in between Tates Creek and the Richmond Road area, which means you'll have easy access to all kinds of shops, restaurants, and job opportunities. And, as an added benefit, Man O War Boulevard gives you a quick, easy way to get to either of those neighborhoods.


- Because it's got plenty of outdoor fun

If your kids will be living in your apartment, too, they'll love going to the playground at Hartland Park -- while you sit under the peaceful gazebo and relax while you watch them. The park also has a peaceful walking path where you can take a nice stroll. Or, if you'd like to get a little more exercise, head to the Hartland Swim & Racquet Club. There are even swimming and diving teams to join!


- Because the housing is newer

The Hartland area didn't see a real boom in construction until the 1980's and 1990's. There was still a great deal of building going on here at the beginning of the new millennium, so if you're looking for a newer apartment, Hartland is a great place to look!


- Because great food is only a few steps away

Having an apartment near Hartland Parkway means being close to an Irish pub, Chinese food, a locally-owned pizza joint, fun coffeehouses, and even a bar that's dedicated solely to frozen yogurt. You'll also find some popular restaurants on Tates Creek Road, especially as you get closer to Man O War Boulevard.


- Because you won't have to go far to shop

Since Hartland is so small, there won't be many stores within walking distance of your apartment. However, it will only take you a few minutes to head to the stores on Tate Creek Road and Man O War Boulevard. Or, you can head a few more minutes east on Man O War Boulevard and shop at all of the stores along Richmond Road.

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