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Apartments in Hamburg -- Growing a Little More Every Day


On Lexington's eastern side, you'll find Hamburg. Specifically, this neighborhood stretches along I-75, in between Highway 60 and Man O War Boulevard.

Yes, it's a little further from the center of town than some of the other neighborhoods around Lexington, but an apartment in Hamburg comes with some great perks, like:

- Awesome shopping

Right in the middle of this neighborhood is Hamburg Pavilion -- a shopping center that takes up more than one million square feet, making it one of the biggest in the entire state! Yes, some people will say that Hamburg is too "commercial" for their tastes, but if you rent an apartment here, you'll have virtually every retailer you need just a few minutes from your front door.


- A beautiful way to pay homage to Lexington's history

The land that Hamburg Pavilion sits on use to be a horse farm. In exchange for giving up the land, local leaders transformed the area across the street into a special cemetery that pays homage to all of the horses who ran in the glory days of Fayette County's racing history. Each horse has its own marker, and some even have statues that honor all of the success these horses had. It's definitely a one-of-a-kind place that you've got to see!


- Yummy food

Since I-75 runs right through this neighborhood, you'll see plenty of big-name chains close to your Hamburg apartment. However, you'll also be close to a number of popular local joints -- like Saul Good Restaurant & Pub, Ted's Montana Grill, and Harry's Hamburg. Most of the places that the locals love can be found either on Sir Barton Way or down near Man O War Boulevard.


- Plenty of options for getting around town

I-75, Man O War Boulevard, and Highway 60 are three of the biggest roads in all of Lexington, and all three of them will be near your new Hamburg apartment. As a result, whether you need to commute to Downtown or the University of Kentucky every day, you'll have easy access to Highway 60. Or, if you need to get to the Richmond Road area for work, all you'll have to do is take Man O War Boulevard west. Or, if you want to take a spontaneous road trip, you'll be able to pack up and hop on I-75 in a matter of minutes!


- Even more to look forward to

In 2014, local research showed that the population in and around Hamburg was expected to grow 8% by 2020. As more and more people choose to call Hamburg home, the amenities here will continue to grow -- meaning your apartment will soon be surrounded by even more cool stuff!



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