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Apartments in the Richmond Road Area -- There's No Shortage of Convenience!


Richmond Road is a big, well-traveled road that cuts diagonally through the southeastern side of Lexington. In fact, this road is so centrally-located that it turns into Main Street and cuts right through the middle of Downtown. Further to the south, it intersects with Highway 60 and eventually intersects with I-75.

So, why should you rent an apartment in the Richmond Road area?

- Because it's close to every store you can imagine

If you don't want to travel far to run your regular errands, you'll love living in an apartment that's close to Richmond Road. Along this road, you'll find everything from grocery stores, to big box stores, to home improvement stores, to clothing stores, to car dealerships.


- Because you'll never go hungry

If you don’t enjoy cooking, you'll want to seriously consider renting an apartment that's close to Richmond Road because you'll wind up living close to virtually every kind of food you can think of, in virtually every price range. Like the shopping, the vast majority of the dining options here are on Richmond Road itself. As you drive along, you'll see locally-owned pizza joints, sushi, sandwiches, Latin American treats, and even gelato. No matter what your taste buds are in the mood for, you won't have to venture too far away from your front door to get it!


- Because it's close to the University of Kentucky

If you need to be close to the university -- but don't want to live in a sea of college kids -- an apartment in the Richmond Road area is a great choice. All you'll have to do is head north on Richmond Road. Eventually, the road turns into Main Street, which puts you right on the northern border of the UK campus.


- Because it's close to the Xerox facility

Xerox is a big employer in Lexington, and its facility is located just to the east of Richmond Road, on Yorkshire Boulevard. So, if you're one of the more than 3,000 people who work at this facility, you'll have an incredibly easy commute if you live in the Richmond Road area!


- Because it's got plenty of room to enjoy Mother Nature

Between the stores, restaurants, and businesses, you may think that there isn't room near Richmond Road for Mother Nature. Luckily, that's not the case! Both Mount Tabor Park and Jacobson Park are located just off Richmond Road, and if you're willing to drive a few more minutes away, you'll be able to spend time at Berry Hill Park, Pleasant Ridge Park, Hartland Park, and River Hill Park.


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