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Apartments in Lexington -- Variety is the Name of the Game!


It may be known as the "Horse Capital of the World", but Lexington, KY, is anything BUT a sleepy farm town! Yes, there are gorgeous horse farms spread out all over the city, but with a population that always seems to be growing by leaps and bounds, Lexington is also home to great culture, an electric sports scene, and a variety of strong industries.

Lexington, KY

Located in the heart of Kentucky's Bluegrass Region, Lexington has direct access to both I-75 and I-64. Aside from that convenience, here's why you need to start hunting for an apartment in Lexington:


- The views of Mother Nature can't be beat

In addition to all of the horse farms, your Lexington apartment will also be close to the Raven Run Nature Sanctuary, The Arobretum, and McConnell Springs. Even the local cemetery is a natural wonder, thanks to its giant tulip garden!

In addition to these attractions, Lexington is also home to more than 100 city parks, six public golf courses, four dog parks, two disc golf courses, and a skate park. So, no matter what you enjoy doing out in the warm afternoon sun, you'll be able to do it here!


- There's great entertainment inside, too

If you're a fan of the fine arts, you'll love having an apartment in Lexington! This city has a professional orchestra, two ballet companies, a variety of choral groups, and a big opera program. There is also a wide variety of outdoor arts and music festivals that are held year-round. Best of all, most of them are free to attend!

If you're looking for more free fun, you'll find it every Thursday night in the summertime at Cheapside Park, when the park hosts its series of free concerts.


- The sporting events are virtually endless

Your Lexington apartment will sit in a seat of blue and white -- the colors of the University of Kentucky. The Wildcats are completely beloved here, and Rupp Arena is actually the biggest basketball-only arena in the entire world!


But don't think that all of the sports fun ends when school lets out for the summer. Lexington also has a minor league baseball team, two different horse tracks that host races all summer, and a variety of other equestrian competitions.


- There are plenty of job opportunities

No matter what you're passionate about, you'll be able to find a job doing it here! Lexington's economy is incredibly stable thanks to the wide variety of industries here. The University of Kentucky and Fayette County Public Schools are the two biggest employers in town, but you don't necessarily have to get a job in education. A number of large companies have hubs in Lexington -- including Xerox, Amazon, Lexmark, Trane, and Lockheed Martin.


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